Is rowing a good way to burn calories? The answer depends on your level of fitness and how often you can perform it. Beginners can start off slowly by doing a beginner’s workout 3 times per week. As your fitness increases, you can move onto the intermediate workout, which includes ascending intensity intervals. You begin at a low stroke rate, but increase the intensity every 30-60 seconds. When you reach 20 strokes per minute, you reverse course.

Many people gravitate toward rowing machines for their low impact workout. They don’t require much space, and they can be purchased for home use. Most are foldable and store easily. Prices for rowing machines range from $100 to thousands of dollars, so you can pick one according to your fitness level and budget. If you’re a bit self-conscious about being seen exercising by your neighbors, rowing machines are a great option.

Additional weight for strength training

While rowing is a great cardiovascular workout, you won’t see results in the gym unless you combine it with resistance training. Most rowers are well aware of the high caloric burn during a rowing workout, but you can add additional weight for strength training. The RowStrong is a great solution to this problem.

Although there is no single study that proves the effects of rowing for weight loss, a Harvard Health publication states that a half-hour of moderate stationary rowing will burn around 210 to 311 calories. While this number varies, the results are impressive. Rowers who aim to lose weight will have to eat less and make changes to their diet. The benefits of rowing can be dramatic.

Proper form and technique is essential

As with any physical activity, proper form and technique is essential. A trained rower can demonstrate the proper positions and techniques. The back and legs are important to weight loss, and you’ll be able to burn off more fat if you train with proper posture. In addition, rowing can be used as a weight loss tool if combined with sensible diet. But, it’s important to choose an exercise routine that suits your needs and your fitness level.

Learn how to use the equipment properly

To maximize the effects of rowing, you must learn how to use the equipment properly. This way, you can burn more fat than you would if you just did cardio. The right heart rate zone is vital to fat burning. By rowing smarter, you’ll be able to target stubborn areas and burn more fat. You can even get rid of stubborn belly fat by rowing on the rowing machine.

Mordern rowing machines come with touchscreen monitors that display workout metrics. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is an effective way to burn fat. While steady rowing burns more calories, HIIT workouts burn more fat. By alternating high-intensity movements with low-intensity intervals, you’ll maximize the weight loss benefits of rowing.