The Inspire Fitness home gym system is a complete home gym system that comes with everything you need to get started with a great workout. The simple-to-use controls allow you to adjust the settings for your body type without any hassle. The pressing arm can be adjusted to several angles to make seated leg workouts more effective, and you can even add free weight plates for additional resistance. The adjustable back support is also an excellent feature. Inspire Fitness offers several models with various levels of back support, so you can get the right amount of back support to fit your body shape and fitness level.

If you’re looking for a functional trainer or a Smith machine that blends a functional trainer with a seated elliptical machine, you’ll want to check out the Inspire FT2 gym. It boasts an attractive color scheme and a sturdy commercial-grade frame. The FT2 also comes with dual weight stacks and a ton of included attachments. Inspire fitness is committed to ensuring their products last a long time. This gym is built to last and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Inspire Fitness M5 home gym is another option for people looking to start working out at home. It has two workout stations so that two people can work out at once. The Inspire M5 home gym offers a seated curl station that sculpts your glutes and strengthens your hamstrings. This system also comes with dual 210-pound weight stacks for multiple users and a cable and fixed motion press station. Inspire Fitness has even added orthopedic pads to give you the best possible comfort when working out.

The Inspire Fitness M4 comes with an ankle attachment and rotating grip handles. You can also use standard cable attachments to use the Inspire Fitness M4 as your home gym. It does not come with a leg press station, but you can purchase one later. This machine can build muscle, increase strength, and tone your body depending on the rep range. You can also purchase accessories for the Inspire Fitness M4.

Aside from the basic workout stations, the M3 Home Gym also has a leg curl station and a preacher curl attachment. The bench can be adjusted and can be hooked up to pulleys so that you can do leg extensions with weight stacks. The adjustable leg curl station allows you to adjust the weights on the legs. If you want more options, you can purchase the Leg Developer and Adjustable Bench to make the workout more effective.

The Inspire M3 has iso-lateral features for free-weight training. With its dual high pulley system, this home gym allows you to adjust the resistance to your preferred level. The incline and deceleration features enable you to work one side of a muscle group while alternating left-to-right movements. The dual cable pulley system also lets you adjust the Press Arms to fit your arm length.