The Cap+ Commercial Grade Three-Way Utilities Bench is built with sturdy 2×2 cold rolled steel tubing for the strength and durability to withstand the rigors of heavy dumbbell work. Despite the affordable price, it is durable enough to withstand heavy weights and is able to accommodate 400 lb in the incline position. It comes with a 30-day limited manufacturer warranty and features a double stitched boxed seat and backrest and a 6-position foam-padded backrest. Its zinc-plated hardware helps to prevent the bench from scratching the floor.

The Double Parallel Bar Support Structure of the Cap+ Weight Bench allows it to withstand heavy loads without damaging the weight rack or the floor. The high-density foam padding helps reduce muscle fatigue and provides a safe, stable platform for workouts. This product also features a pair of wheels and foam rubber grip handles to make moving the bench easier. This model is capable of supporting 500 lbs. It has a 30-day warranty and comes with a 15-year frame warranty.

The Cap+ Commercial Grade Three-Way Utilities Bench is built with wheels for easy transport. Its lift handle is located at the foot of the bench, which is an inch or two above the floor. Although this adds extra energy, it is not a major issue because of the bench’s weight: 128 lbs. Overall, this bench is an excellent buy for a home gym.

Another feature that makes the Cap+ bench stand out is the adjustable seat. It allows the user to adjust the angle of the seat relative to the back pad. This feature prevents the user from sliding forward when doing incline presses. It is also convenient since the seat can be removed easily when the bench is flat. The adjustable seat also prevents users from slipping down the bench. This feature is particularly helpful when performing incline pressing.

A large steel adjustment arc is attached to the back pad. The arc curves toward the front end of the bench. It has multiple holes along its length, each for a different incline setting. A pop-pin assembly is attached to the frame and allows the user to insert it into any one of these holes. The pop-pin handle can then be pulled to remove the pin from the hole. With this simple procedure, the user can adjust the back pad height to fit their needs.