The BotaBay Pro Leg Stretcher is a high-quality, adjustable stretching machine for your legs. The machine features six adjustable poles with six holes each, allowing you to choose the desired level of stretch. As you increase the stretch, relax the muscles to achieve the correct stretch. Once you’ve reached the desired level of stretch, hold the position for one to two minutes. Then, slowly release the stretch.

The BotaBay Pro Leg Stretcher is nearly fully assembled by the time it reaches the buyer. All that is required is to assemble the backrest. With this exercise tool you can read a book or play around with your smartphone while you do your leg stretch.

The sturdy steel frame and dual-layer padding keep your legs comfortable and safe while you stretch. The back support is adjustable from 105 to 110 degrees, and the adjustment gears are easy to use. Although the stretcher comes partially assembled, you still need to attach the leg holders yourself. A bag of grease is included to keep the turning wheels lubricated, but you can also use WD-40, which is a little less messy.

If you live in an apartment or a small home, you can use a leg stretcher machine that fits right in your space. The design is small and convenient, and it’s easy to store when not in use. In addition to its convenience, you’ll be able to use it anywhere, including at work. Whether you’re looking for a total body workout or just want to stretch your legs this leg stretcher machine will make the stretching process easy and safe.

The Pro Leg Stretcher is one of the most popular leg stretchers on the market. It’s a solid investment, and it comes ready to use. It features a padded seat and leg rests, and a steering wheel mechanism that allows for total incremental control of the maneuver. It also helps you achieve the 180 degree split stretch. If you want to achieve the perfect stretch, the Pro Leg Stretcher is the right choice for you.

Besides being a great choice for home use, the BotaBay Pro Leg Stretcher is also a great tool for general stretching. This machine can stretch a wide range of muscle groups at once. With its adjustable wheel crank, it allows for gradual flexibility development. The wide range of motion it offers also helps with back and knee pain. This stretcher is a great way to increase your flexibility after a hard workout.