Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is a durable, heavy-duty bench that is a perfect choice for serious lifters. Its 2.5-inch square tube construction is heavy-duty and comes with a preacher curl attachment and a crunch handle to perform ab crunches. It is designed to accommodate Olympic bars up to 7 feet or eight feet in length, and has a ‘U’-shaped front leg stabilizer for added safety.

The bench comes in many pieces and requires assembly, so be prepared for a little extra work. The bench features numerous attachments for Olympic and standard weight sets and is very stable. You can adjust the backrest to seven different positions to maximize your comfort while lifting heavy weights. The weight bench is safe and durable, and will last for many years. It also features built-in safety hooks for your safety. Once assembled, you can begin lifting right away.

The Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench is an incredibly durable weight bench, designed and engineered with attention to detail to provide optimum stability and versatility. The U-shaped front stabilizer improves bench stability, and the safety features include anti-skid end caps and luxury-auto-inspired pebbled leather wrap. Its 39-inch length allows you to do a variety of workouts and build muscle mass.

The Body Champ Power Tower is perfect for home gyms. It features a telescoping leg roller attachment, a preacher curl handle, and a built-in sit-up bar. The price is competitive for a quality home gym bench. It is also compatible with 6′ and 7-foot weight set bars. The preacher curl bench comes with a seven-position adjustable backrest that allows you to engage various muscle groups such as the pecs, quadriceps, and delts.

The Body Champ Multi-Use Rack Features an Adjustable Leg Developer, Arm Curl Bar, and Safety Hooks. The adjustable leg developer features a spring clip, and the backrest can be adjusted into seven positions. There is also an ab crunch attachment and a U-shaped front leg stabilizer. The Bench also includes a safety-grip feature and hooks to prevent falls. It has a steel frame construction and is made in Southern California.

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is made to accommodate an Olympic barbell, which is seven feet long. Olympic weight plates are two inches thick, while standard bars are one inch across. Because of these differences, an Olympic bench offers greater leverage when lifting an Olympic bar. Additionally, Olympic bars are designed with a revolving end that reduces torque while lifting. Consequently, these weights are more accurate than standard ones. When shopping for an Olympic weight bench, consider the size and the weight limit.